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We are a DOCUMENT PREPARING SERVICE that specializes in producing CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY FORM for our clients that are accepted in all federal bankruptcy courts in North America. Our fees are very reasonable but our service is GREAT. Our fees are $125.00 flat rate, regardless to how much work that we to do to get the result that you want. With our service each case is done on a one on one basis. Our goal is to help you in your goal of achieving your chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, at the lowest rate possible, tempered with the highest quality bankruptcy documentation to present to the bankruptcy in your area.

Our service is complete. Once you receive our forms you just sign and file them in your area. Our service is 100% GUARANTEED. IF WE CAN NOT ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL IN PREPARING YOUR CHAPTER 7 AND FILING WE WILL REFUND YOUR $125.00 WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS.

We do not boast on how many bankruptcies that we done, because your bankruptcy is the most important bankruptcy to us. We do boast on our accuracy rate and work done in a timely matter. We care about our clients and their financial future and would like to be a part of their success. Your online bankruptcy will be processed with 24-48 hours and mailed to you. We stand behind our work 100%. Others say that they stand behind their work, but they do not sign off on their work. We sign each individual bankruptcy with our name and address clearly visible.

There are many reasons that people have to file bankruptcy. We want to be there for you in these difficult times. There are people who take advantage of people in these situation and SHAME ON THEM. We walk our clients through the bankruptcy document preparation process to make it as pain-free as possible.
​*Services not available in Arizona, Illinois, and Indiana.
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